Mill Road BID

Why is a Mill Road BID needed?

Whilst the businesses at Mill Road Industrial Estate in Linlithgow may not have the same problems as other sites in West Lothian, there are still significant problems that need addressing. The entrance signage is particularly poor, the address system is confusing, there are concerns that “industrial estate” is not relevant and off-putting to new investment, there are concerns over security issues, costs – particularly utility bills, have spiralled out of control for many businesses and many more. With successful Commercial BID companies now in operation in Clackmannanshire and Vale of Leven, it’s important that Linlithgow Mill Road business take advantage of a unique structure to address these issues and grow the area.

The Mill Road BID will:

> Support the long-term sustainability of the area.

> Enable inclusive management of the BID area. We can adopt many of the good practices employed by other BIDco’s throughout the world.

> Give a powerful voice to the private sector and make a real difference to trading conditions in the BID area.

 The Business / Occupier benefits by:

> Increased business, sales and networking opportunities.

> Gives businesses a local voice. They decide and vote for actions before investment. A voice for smaller businesses.

> Reduces costs through joint promotions, marketing and crime reduction

> Fair system – all businesses invest and benefit – no freeloading

The Landlord benefits by:

> Increases rental values and assists capital growth

> Increases desirability of area and attracts occupiers

> Increases trade which will affect turnover based rents

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